Sun Tunnels

Sun Tunnels on solstice sunset, 2008 June 20

Sun Tunnels near solstice sunset, 2009 December 24


Take I-80 west from Salt Lake City through Wendover to Oasis, Nevada.  At Oasis take Nevada Highway 233 through
Montello, Nevada (last gas, water, food, lodgings) back into Utah where the road becomes Utah Highway 30.  About
10 miles past the state line is a sign for Lucin.  There are two gravel roads on the right.  Take the first one
for five miles to Lucin.  Cross the railroad tracks and continue on the same road for about two miles.  Turn
left and proceed about two miles and then right for 3/4 mile to Sun Tunnels.  There is a parking area at the
end of the road.

Nancy Holt, the owner of Sun Tunnels, extends an invitation to stop by and experience the structure and to
even camp out on her land.  "But please," she asks, "Leave everything the way you found it."

Drive time from Salt Lake City is about 4 hours.

All images below taken 23 JUN 2002.

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Turn right

Go straight

Turn left

Turn right

You've arrived at Sun Tunnels (113 degrees 51.826' W, 41 degrees 18.212' N)

Looking SE at the position of the December solstice sunrise.

Looking NE at the position of the June solstice sunrise.

Looking SW at the position of the December solstice sunset.

Looking NW at the position of the June solstice sunset.

Visitor jokingly checks for "cosmic energy" at the focus of all 4 pipes.

The creator of Sun Tunnels, Nancy Holt, is said to have placed holes in the pipes to represent constellations.

Constellation holes as seen from the inside of three of the pipes.

Visitor waits for sunset.

Sunset approaches


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